Tuesday, December 29, 2009

500 Days of Summer

A Must to watch Movie

Monday, December 28, 2009

Do you feel safe in the sky?

I used to be really excited when the airplane took off from airport because I could see the building getting smaller and I could see a wide view of the city from the top.

The sensation of a freedom to escape from the hustle of big city.

When the airplane was all the way up, I wonder if I could walk or sit down on those clouds, so pure, so bright, smooth like cotton.

My mind started to rendezvous, wondering, i wish i had the power to fly in the sky with my bare hands, like a bird, no fear.

How does it feel to be outside on the highest elevation?

However, post sept.11 and up until now, I was always being paranoid sitting in an airplane. I never look airplane the same again.

Airplane is not fun anymore.

I didnt feel secure. I was afraid to fly. My heart started racing. I would feel relief when the airplane finally arrived at the airport. Then, I can breath....

With a recent news of a man attempting to blow up an airplane. WTH?? Now, I am more afraid to fly than ever before.

I am just hoping the TSA would work harder to prevent this similar situation in the future. I always believe that God bless all of us and God bless the United States of America.

I just wanted to have a peace. nuff said.


I know this is not related to my topic, but, I'm just going to talk about it anyway,

"People", from my country aka third world country, put these first on priority: religion, god, heaven, holy, hell, and built many religion-associated facilities, but think about this:

My country is still having problem with:
1. Clean water supply
2. Decent Infrastructure-lots of holes on streets
3. Security
4. Electricity
5. Education -- big number of illiterate population
6. Health
7. Famine
8. Children trafficking
9. Corruption
10. Poverty
11. High crime

sigh....and "they" aren't planning to fix these problems.

I wish "my country" can look around the neighborhood.

The neighbor is also a developing country but they are working hard to gain the respect from other nations. This neighbor ensured that they have maximized the local resources.

Now, they have a better quality in education, technology, and this particular country, which is considered with "highly populated of a certain religious people" is the main producer of a well known condom brand. You know which country I am talking about.

They focus on exporting their goods not like us, importing products extensively.

My country is very rich with natural raw resources, but the truth is we export the raw materials to other country to process it.

Ironically, my country is the first client to purchase back the raw material that have been processed in another country with double or triple cost. No wonder we have such a thick face.

Speaking of corruption!! How ashamed my government is involved with first degree unforgiven corruption ever exist on planet. Unfortunately, these people emphasized on religion; pray every single times, read the holy book, donate our money to the needy(beggars)......
.huh? donate? but they also corrupt.

I also believe that beggars

with such a pity look, begging for dimes...they are "culprit".

In theory, we have to donate some money to poor people. The truth, we are not supposed to goddamnn donate our money for free! Donation to our poor people will not improve the quality of our human resources.

Donation = LAZY.

Instead, we shall help them by providing a JOB SPACE! Job opportunity. Make them become useful. Maximize the human resources in our country! Don't let these lazy bums walk freely, begging on street. These beggars are smart coz they know how to deceive us with their pitty look.

Anyways speaking of education, in 70's parents sent their kids to my country to learn economics, literature, etc. Thirty years after, it is the opposite. Parents sent their kids to "that country" because "that country" offers a better quality in education.

Sigh, I can only talk and be mad about it. There is nothing else I can do. I can only pray, hopefully "these people" will realize that they really need to fix these f***ed up situations. Is there any hero out there willing to rescue my country?

Put your world issue on the side. No need to care on social, justice, health, humanity problems, just pray, pray, and pray, and build religous facilties as many as you can, and you are guaranteed with a golden ticket to heaven

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dinner Menu for Today

I dont really know how to cook india dishes (that requires rich of spices and a lot of patience), but I found the india-ready-sauce is very practical. It's like cooking pasta with marinara sauce, or fettucini with alfredo sauce....

Main Dish:
1. Catfish with Tikka Massala Sauce

2. American typical veggie soup:
Carrot, beans, caulliflower, beans, corn with chicken broth, exotic asian spices and stirred them together with some garlic powder + creole (no msg).

3. Important:
Rice. Indulge the taste.

How to prepare: Catfish marinated in Tikka Massala Sauce

Sautee Sliced onions with little veg. oil in a medium heat for 5 mins
Sautee catfish (ready to cook not frozen) in a medium heat (keep it in medium heat).
Fry for about 10 mins.
Pour Tikka Massala sauce depends on how many cat fish in the pan/preference/thick or light. Stir it together with lightly citrus sprinkle
Leave it there for 10 minutes with several occassion stir slowly to ensure the fish is not burnt.

Ready to serve....

ps: forgot to take picture, sigh.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone

Thank you for the outrageous dinner invitation, but, would like to apologize, I still can't make it.

I didnt mean to reject your kindness (no offense) but my personal issue forced me to stay out off of it. I know you will be reading my blog in a matter of time. I hope you can understand my situation.

I am in Mars, now, but I will be back soon. I will see you next year. I promise.

"Writers are engineers of the soul"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Live like a lotus"

I woke up this morning with a pain over my lower tummy. It hurt and, I was hungry. Ugh!

I forced myself to take a quick shower before I fixed my late breakfast meal.

My late breakfast meal was consisted of chicken curry with snow peas and rice. I also had raspberry tea. My tummy was no longer in pain. Rice is the real medicine.

Besides, I need rice to fullfill my hunger or whenever I didnt feel well, and I will be fine, which is funny, sometimes.

My metabolism refuse to adjust with common dishes in america. Sandwich, pasta, mash potatoes they cannot solve my hunger problem. I still need rice to survive

I know it looks weird to have breakfast with rice, chicken and veggie in morning. But, it is common in Indonesia to have them for breakfast.

We must have rice every morning before we started our daily activites. Rice is our staple food, the source of energy. Usually, Our maid would wake up early morning to prepare the breakfast. They cooked rice, stir fry veggie, and fish/chicken/beef...yum!

Another thing to know about Indonesia lifestyle, it is very common to have maid in Indonesia. So, please, dont assume this is inhuman or against the human rights.

It is just rooted in our culture to have maid/helper. In fact, from the middle to upper level income family would have maid to take care the house.

Yes, you can say that we are so dependent on maids. It's true.

Since parents were so occupied with their job, then, the person who took care of our needs (me, my brother, and sister) , whether to iron our clothes, to prepare our lunch meal, or to help finding the lost items in house: well...our beloved maid.

In fact, we spent most of our daily time with maid. They are our hero at home, the person who really care with our stuff, our daily schedule, favorite meals. Sigh, now, I really miss my maid.

One thing to remind, we treat our maid like relatives. We respect them and we love them. They are part of our family. They live in our house and, we also sent our maids to school so they can learn how to read and write.

Tomorrow is christmas and my brother's birthday. I am so excited!! Sigh, but, I cannot be too happy coz I still need to study. Damn you GMAT!

Anyway, movie for this week


Water is a 2005 Academy Award nominated Canadian film directed and written by Deepa Mehta, with dialogues written by Anurag Kashyap. It is set in 1938 and explores the lives of widows at an ashram in Varanasi, India. - Wiki

"... gorgeous and heartbreaking... full of glorious, unforgettably pretty images... " - Rottentomatoes

91% Tomatoes
Four star - Times
A triumph
One of the best films of the year...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Budget Wise

My new year resolution is to reduce my spending money by limiting myself to eat outside 4 times (or less) per month.

I decided to create a budget crunch and see how far I can go with it. The reason has become more obvious.

I havent saved a penny from my paycheck. Eating out is always my problem. I mean, eating out with friends was always fun but considering the money that I usually spent for one meal, roughly 9-15 bucks. Gahhh.....

If I can buy groceries for a month stock and eat at home, I can save 100 bucks per month. So, I decided to strict with my budget: eat at home, 4 times or less dining outside every month. That's it.

Athough, I don't have a debt but I always left in my account with 3 to 5 dollars (if i was lucky enough) by the end of the month .

And, Dad always asked me how much money he needed to transfer whenever he saw my balance statement left with only few dollars.

Seriously, I felt so bad because dad already spent a lot just for my tuition and now, my brother is attending college in Canada. It is not cheap studying abroad.

One time, dad sent me a text saying He transferred some amount to my account. Slightly, I wasnt happy because I felt so bad. I thought about my brother and also my sister who is later going to follow my brother to Canada. Dad would have spent a LOT just for three of us.

I asked him why he initiated to transfer since I didnt ask anyway. He said because I was only left with $5 in my account. He was worried that I would be running out of money. Sigh, I was speechless.

I really felt bad to my dad. So, starting from there, I decided to save up some money so dad would stop being worried about my balance statement every month (he has the access to my bank account).

Being an adult is hard. People thought they were mature enough to take care their life.

However, when it is time to take care their financial issue, they were stuck in tremendous debt. DEBT! Can we people learn from the Japanesse?Japan is a rich country but the people are so wise in budgeting their spending.

One time, I talked to a girl whom i just I met at friend's party. We were just meant to be there because we had such a common friends.

She recently moved from Japan so she was really excited to meet new people. We had a general conversation until she mentioned about her workplace in Japan.

When she was living in Japan, she used to work in a financial firm. She said japanesse and american is so different in term of saving money.

Debt is pretty rare in Japan. Japanesse like to shop but they also saved a lot.

The interest rate is pretty low, much lower than in the US. According to her, normally, the interest rate in Japan is 0.50%.

She also said, "We like to spend our money for fun but we also know how much money we can spend, we know the limit."

People in Japan prefer to bring cash rather than credit card. Maybe, that could be the reason why bankrupt is not common in Japan. Interesting!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Thought

Several random thoughts from an article in a magazine I found interesting...

1. Peoplet whom you trust the most will eventually reveal your biggest secret, do you agree?

2. Do you agree, the more time people spent to remind each other to keep "their little secret", these secret will be revealed faster in a matter of time

3. Can you trust 100% somebody? except for your family and God?

4. Have you ever realized, after expressing your feeling/secret to your friends. It turned out, your friends were the most culprit on the planet?

They revealed your deep darkest secret to the community. From nowehere, someone asked you a question about your emberrassing secret.

When you confronted this person from where he or she got the information, he or she would say a name that you just could not believe it.

5. Have you ever felt that your life suddenyl changed and you discovered that it was actually part of a game. Someone was enjoying the game she or he created.

A game that lead to a big misunderstood between two innocent pals.

A person who preached a lot about religion-good faith, about a healthy lifestyle, a person who "we thought" has a good wisdom and wanted to make surrounding happy.

Actually, this person had spread the most contagious virus in a community

6. One week vaction is enough. Two will cause a fight.

7. Officemate is awesome blossom

8. Will you be able to handle your own debt once you are granted with a creditcard?

The worst case, how are you going to survive if you have a huge debt more than your paycheck?

You have $6,000 debt over from the reckless spending.

You know you wont be able to pay it unless you are willing sacrifice your self working 90hr/wk (which is impossible).

Are you planning to use creditcard until it hit the credit limit? And, you go back to your home country and leave all the debt in the United States?

how about to those finance students who are excel at finance courses but cannot handle their own financial problems?

9. Believe in Karma?


Some events occured this weekend,

1. friend's visiting

2. another friend is leaving

3. new people

4. a stranger

5. neigbor yelling and I could hear the conversation coz the wall is so thin

I wanted to learn how to bake/ make pie. I got the pie inspiration from waitress movie, such a daring movie. I love it. Pizookie's fall in love Cherry Pie, Bon Voyage friendship banana pudding pie, Missing someone over the rainbow bluberry pie, lol.....

and, some Restaurants in Norman that I am really desperate to try:

1. Fancy That Cafe

2. Pink Elephant Cafe

3. Mama Veca

4. Interurban

5. Jimmy's Egg

6. Bevenutti's

and...I really wanted to get out of Oklahoma
ASAP!!! Rescue me please!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Movie List for December

1.The Maiden Heist
2. Vicious Circle
3. Ammerican Violet
4. Paper Heart
5. I love you man
6. Sunshine Cleaning
7. Inglorious Bastards
8. Public Enemies
9. The cove (95% tomatoes!!)
10. A christmas Tale
11. Milk
12. My Sister's Keeper
13. Julie and Julia
14. Faith like potatoes
15. Not Easily Broken
16. Mall Cop
17. Gran Torino
18. Defiance
19. Inkheart
20. Madea goes to Jail

500 Days of Summer

Paper Heart -- Wanted to see this soooo bad!!!

Vicious Circle...sobbing**

Long journey to library

Today, I had a feeling that I might hit somebody's car (lol). I thought about it on the way to the office. Wonder, if that was just a feeling or, could it be a hint or a sign? I probably need to be aware of whatever moving. Sounds weird.

Thinking, it wouldn't occur. Thinking, it might just my negative aura. Voila, De Ja vu!

Ok...see this is how it went. I was going to turn left on the way to library and I didnt realize that the green light means yield, to let the driver from the opposite direction come first.

I wasnt paying attention and I didnt expect there was a driver coming across to my way. Damn!

I suddenly stopped and thanked god, this old man was clever enough to immediately stop. He gave me a look, like full of hatred. I swear he was cursing at me. ayayaya....

Fortunately, he was cursing inside his car...obviously, How could i listen to the cursing? *grin

The reason I went to library because library has a DVD collection.

Some of the dvds are new from this year. Good deal. I could save some money by borrowing dvd from library instead of purchasing dvd 99 cent 4 times a week from 7-11.

I knew that public library collected dvd but I forgot. I remembered it again after I "accidentally" went to my friend's facebook profile.

Long story, shortly, my friend was the one who introduced me with the free dvd from library.

I was allowed to borrow up to 4 dvds. This is what i got for today:
1.Becoming Jane
2. Australia
3. The visitors
4. Fest of Love

I just finished watching "Becoming Jane". I stil don't like it. I loved the wardrobe not the story plot. *sighh.....

a nice quote from "Becoming Jane" :

Affection is desirable...^^

Thought about Lust, Caution....^^

Note: Worth to see!!

"...intense, psychologically intricate and sexually explicit..."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Reader

Yesterday, I watched The reader on DVD, starring kate winslet.

It was not a bad movie like what I thought before. In fact, it is very intriguing. I really liked it until the movie hit the ending.

I was a little bit disappointed, maybe frustrated? I was expecting for a different ending. But, overall, I agreed, The reader is a beautiful movie. It vividly described a love from someone to somebody else endlessly...(blah..)

If friends asked me to see it, I dont mind to see it again.

The next day, I saw Harry Potter - half blood prince. Hmm, what can i say about this one? sigh,

Unfortunately, I dont really like it. Maybe, from the beginning, i was already skeptical and this feeling went through till the ending.

I was abosulutely disappointed. In fact, I was confused with the rating from tommatoesrotten. Harry Poter got 85% tomatoes? HUH?

I believed Yahoo rating is more reliable, Harry poter was rated B. Not even close to B+. I admitted, I was a harrypotter fan way back then like in 2000-s, but it seems im more interested in twilight?

maybe Jacob hot muscles influenced my perception about twilight? LOL....

Now, I am thinking what movie I am going to see tomorrow or thursday or friday. Here is the list:

1. Julie and Julia (75% tomatoes)
2. Vicous Circle (A - yahoo!)
3. Night at the museum: Battle of the smithsonian (B+ / 44% huh?)
4. Paper Heart
5. I love you man -- I really wanted to see i love you mann..!!
6. Sunshine cleaning

Btw, I almost picked angels and demonds today. I decided not to because their rating was so bad. I checked on rottentomatoes 36% and B- on yahoo rating.

But, Im sure I will definitely see it someday.

I feel a lot better since last month. Now, I have more time for meditation, yoga, relaxation, watching dvd.

I usually didn't have time to do all those stuff, but now I have plenty of time to calm myself. I felt a lot better.

I can study with a clear mind. Except for my mexican neighbors (there are more than one mexican) who played latin music sooooo loud in the middle of night.

Wondering, nobody complained about it..*peace

Friday, October 16, 2009

Do ZUMBA religiously....!!!

Zumba is really fun! Zumba helps my body to burn faster the stubborn fats.

Going to gym will definitely take time, esp. in the winter season, so why not exercise at home?

I like to go to the gym, but cold weather forced me to stay inside apartment.

Obviously, I have become so lazy and yeah absolutely I have stored more fats in my thighs and tummy.

So, Zumba is my alternative choice to rescuse myself from obesity . It's like Sweeett..I can exercise in my apartment!! Burned calories and still have fun =) Try to do this in the Morning and at Night (if possible).

STEP 1: Warm Up Part 1 (5 minutes)

STEP 2: Pre-Heat Part 2 (5 minutes)

STEP 3: Main Core 1

STEP 4: Main Core 2 -- My Fave!!

STEP 5: Main Core 3 --My Favorite!!! Definitely must try!!!

STEP 6: Main Core 4

STEP 7: Main Core 5

STEP 8: Main Core 6

STEP 9: Main Core 7

STEP 10: Cool Down 1

STEP 11: Cool Down 2 -- It is really awesome!!

STEP 12: Coold Down 3

Have fun Losing Weight =) Yes, We can lose weight!! Yes WE can!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

V8 Veg Juice vs. Wal-Mart Veg Juice

Sometimes, it's true that cheaper price will not guarantee the satisfaction of good quality in overall. In my case, I made a stupid decision this morning.

I was sooo disappointed to set my heart with Wal-Mart Veggie juice.
The juice is too watery and it is not as tasty as V8. I felt like drinking water mixed with tomato syrup.
Ok, I am being exaggerated. But, I am still mad at my decision to buy Wal-Mart veggie juice because I wanted to save some pennies!!!
Also, I could not return it!!!!! From now till sunday, I am stuck with my Wal-Mart "does not taste that great but oh well..cheaper price" veg. juice.

At least, I know one thing, Wal-Mart Juice still cannot beat up the V8 Juice secret receipe. With V8, I felt like I had a fresh blended veggie because I could still taste the vegetables extract. Its just an awesome veg. juice.

Veggie juice is one of my staple diet meal. I must have veggie juice in the morning, afternoon, and before I go to sleep. It really does help to refreshen my body.
I felt a lot better after drinking veg. juice and I think my face started to to clear up.

I dont know if its because of the veg. juice or maybe because I managed myself to sleep properly.
I also think my skin is more soft and glowing. Ok..maybe not (=
but that's how I feel.Oh and this one is for sure, No more peeling lips!!! See...Veg. juice is really good! Not only it will improve your health but it will also lower your body's toxic. No more constipation^^

Although, I was disappointed with Wal-Mart 'cheting' vegetables juice, I am still admiring Wal-Mart product Great Value: Vegetables Crackers. It is reallly goooood!!! It is worth a try!! See not all Wal-Mart Great Value is bad>>exeception to Wal-Mart Veg.Juice.

I cannot wait to weigh myself again on Monday. I am so excited to see the "moving forward" result. It is good to check on weight once a week rather than everyday.

Checking your weight everyday will eventually discourage you to lose weight because you wont see any difference with your current weight. It will add up the frustration to lose weigh and you will eventually take revenge to eat more meals than your normal portion.

Time to sleep....zzzzZZzzzzz

Song for today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do you always believe when people say you are not fat?

Do you believe when people say, "Oh sweetie...you are not fat at all!! you are slim and you have an awesome body"

Rule 1
But, then you realized you really gained 10 pounds and you knew it. I mean, you felt it. That's how I feel right now. My friends kept saying that I am not fat and I am slim. They claimed they did not see any difference. They were showing confused face of why I am so obsessed to lose weight. Holy Moly Cow..do you believe that? Seriously, it's not about what people said, it's about how you feel inside. You knew it that you wanted to lose weight.

Rule 2
Maybe, my friends were comparing my size with american average size. In that case, yeah...du'h with my current weigh, I am considered "Slim but not Skinny" category. BUT, according to asian standard, I am slightly overweight. My mom told me I have to lose certain lbs. She is damn right! With my current size, I cannot shop for jeans in Indonesia.

I used to pretend "very happy" with my extra weigh and.....very confident say,"Yes, I am very happy with my body size" Do you believe in that? Do you believe that I was really happy inside??? Don't you think I always wanted to slim down as well.

Rule 3
My friend has a wise thought and this is what she shared with me. "We only live once". It's not late to improve yourself. One of my life wisdom, I always wanted to look nice, slim, and healthy. I do not believe with "I will do it tomorrow". Err...like "I will exercise tomorrow". The most important is to have a will that I really wanted to have a healthy slim body and nice thighs.

Rule 4

Seriously, every individual has the ability to have a healthy body and nice slim thighs. However, everything depends on the diet lifestyle. If everyday I ate junk foods and slighlty of fiber, I would gain weight faster. If I stopped working out, I would definitely have a flabby thigh and tummy.

For me, if I keep the meal portion in rational size and have time to exercise, my body will not blow up. I am what I eat. It's all about discipline. Seriously, everything must be obtained from such a hard work.

Rule 5
There is no such an easy way to get rid off extra baggage. Discipline, consistent, and be rationale of what we eat. Do you believe that you can lose weight 20 lbs in 1 week?? NO WAY to lose weight in short period!!! You will eventually gain weight double than your current size. It takes time to get an awesome result. Diet supplement is good to fasten the metabolism but once again
it has to be balanced with work out.

Rule 6
Awesome song to work out..!!!