Friday, October 16, 2009

Do ZUMBA religiously....!!!

Zumba is really fun! Zumba helps my body to burn faster the stubborn fats.

Going to gym will definitely take time, esp. in the winter season, so why not exercise at home?

I like to go to the gym, but cold weather forced me to stay inside apartment.

Obviously, I have become so lazy and yeah absolutely I have stored more fats in my thighs and tummy.

So, Zumba is my alternative choice to rescuse myself from obesity . It's like Sweeett..I can exercise in my apartment!! Burned calories and still have fun =) Try to do this in the Morning and at Night (if possible).

STEP 1: Warm Up Part 1 (5 minutes)

STEP 2: Pre-Heat Part 2 (5 minutes)

STEP 3: Main Core 1

STEP 4: Main Core 2 -- My Fave!!

STEP 5: Main Core 3 --My Favorite!!! Definitely must try!!!

STEP 6: Main Core 4

STEP 7: Main Core 5

STEP 8: Main Core 6

STEP 9: Main Core 7

STEP 10: Cool Down 1

STEP 11: Cool Down 2 -- It is really awesome!!

STEP 12: Coold Down 3

Have fun Losing Weight =) Yes, We can lose weight!! Yes WE can!!!