Friday, October 16, 2009

Do ZUMBA religiously....!!!

Zumba is really fun! Zumba helps my body to burn faster the stubborn fats.

Going to gym will definitely take time, esp. in the winter season, so why not exercise at home?

I like to go to the gym, but cold weather forced me to stay inside apartment.

Obviously, I have become so lazy and yeah absolutely I have stored more fats in my thighs and tummy.

So, Zumba is my alternative choice to rescuse myself from obesity . It's like Sweeett..I can exercise in my apartment!! Burned calories and still have fun =) Try to do this in the Morning and at Night (if possible).

STEP 1: Warm Up Part 1 (5 minutes)

STEP 2: Pre-Heat Part 2 (5 minutes)

STEP 3: Main Core 1

STEP 4: Main Core 2 -- My Fave!!

STEP 5: Main Core 3 --My Favorite!!! Definitely must try!!!

STEP 6: Main Core 4

STEP 7: Main Core 5

STEP 8: Main Core 6

STEP 9: Main Core 7

STEP 10: Cool Down 1

STEP 11: Cool Down 2 -- It is really awesome!!

STEP 12: Coold Down 3

Have fun Losing Weight =) Yes, We can lose weight!! Yes WE can!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

V8 Veg Juice vs. Wal-Mart Veg Juice

Sometimes, it's true that cheaper price will not guarantee the satisfaction of good quality in overall. In my case, I made a stupid decision this morning.

I was sooo disappointed to set my heart with Wal-Mart Veggie juice.
The juice is too watery and it is not as tasty as V8. I felt like drinking water mixed with tomato syrup.
Ok, I am being exaggerated. But, I am still mad at my decision to buy Wal-Mart veggie juice because I wanted to save some pennies!!!
Also, I could not return it!!!!! From now till sunday, I am stuck with my Wal-Mart "does not taste that great but oh well..cheaper price" veg. juice.

At least, I know one thing, Wal-Mart Juice still cannot beat up the V8 Juice secret receipe. With V8, I felt like I had a fresh blended veggie because I could still taste the vegetables extract. Its just an awesome veg. juice.

Veggie juice is one of my staple diet meal. I must have veggie juice in the morning, afternoon, and before I go to sleep. It really does help to refreshen my body.
I felt a lot better after drinking veg. juice and I think my face started to to clear up.

I dont know if its because of the veg. juice or maybe because I managed myself to sleep properly.
I also think my skin is more soft and glowing. Ok..maybe not (=
but that's how I feel.Oh and this one is for sure, No more peeling lips!!! See...Veg. juice is really good! Not only it will improve your health but it will also lower your body's toxic. No more constipation^^

Although, I was disappointed with Wal-Mart 'cheting' vegetables juice, I am still admiring Wal-Mart product Great Value: Vegetables Crackers. It is reallly goooood!!! It is worth a try!! See not all Wal-Mart Great Value is bad>>exeception to Wal-Mart Veg.Juice.

I cannot wait to weigh myself again on Monday. I am so excited to see the "moving forward" result. It is good to check on weight once a week rather than everyday.

Checking your weight everyday will eventually discourage you to lose weight because you wont see any difference with your current weight. It will add up the frustration to lose weigh and you will eventually take revenge to eat more meals than your normal portion.

Time to sleep....zzzzZZzzzzz

Song for today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do you always believe when people say you are not fat?

Do you believe when people say, "Oh are not fat at all!! you are slim and you have an awesome body"

Rule 1
But, then you realized you really gained 10 pounds and you knew it. I mean, you felt it. That's how I feel right now. My friends kept saying that I am not fat and I am slim. They claimed they did not see any difference. They were showing confused face of why I am so obsessed to lose weight. Holy Moly you believe that? Seriously, it's not about what people said, it's about how you feel inside. You knew it that you wanted to lose weight.

Rule 2
Maybe, my friends were comparing my size with american average size. In that case, yeah...du'h with my current weigh, I am considered "Slim but not Skinny" category. BUT, according to asian standard, I am slightly overweight. My mom told me I have to lose certain lbs. She is damn right! With my current size, I cannot shop for jeans in Indonesia.

I used to pretend "very happy" with my extra weigh and.....very confident say,"Yes, I am very happy with my body size" Do you believe in that? Do you believe that I was really happy inside??? Don't you think I always wanted to slim down as well.

Rule 3
My friend has a wise thought and this is what she shared with me. "We only live once". It's not late to improve yourself. One of my life wisdom, I always wanted to look nice, slim, and healthy. I do not believe with "I will do it tomorrow". "I will exercise tomorrow". The most important is to have a will that I really wanted to have a healthy slim body and nice thighs.

Rule 4

Seriously, every individual has the ability to have a healthy body and nice slim thighs. However, everything depends on the diet lifestyle. If everyday I ate junk foods and slighlty of fiber, I would gain weight faster. If I stopped working out, I would definitely have a flabby thigh and tummy.

For me, if I keep the meal portion in rational size and have time to exercise, my body will not blow up. I am what I eat. It's all about discipline. Seriously, everything must be obtained from such a hard work.

Rule 5
There is no such an easy way to get rid off extra baggage. Discipline, consistent, and be rationale of what we eat. Do you believe that you can lose weight 20 lbs in 1 week?? NO WAY to lose weight in short period!!! You will eventually gain weight double than your current size. It takes time to get an awesome result. Diet supplement is good to fasten the metabolism but once again
it has to be balanced with work out.

Rule 6
Awesome song to work out..!!!