Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do you always believe when people say you are not fat?

Do you believe when people say, "Oh sweetie...you are not fat at all!! you are slim and you have an awesome body"

Rule 1
But, then you realized you really gained 10 pounds and you knew it. I mean, you felt it. That's how I feel right now. My friends kept saying that I am not fat and I am slim. They claimed they did not see any difference. They were showing confused face of why I am so obsessed to lose weight. Holy Moly Cow..do you believe that? Seriously, it's not about what people said, it's about how you feel inside. You knew it that you wanted to lose weight.

Rule 2
Maybe, my friends were comparing my size with american average size. In that case, yeah...du'h with my current weigh, I am considered "Slim but not Skinny" category. BUT, according to asian standard, I am slightly overweight. My mom told me I have to lose certain lbs. She is damn right! With my current size, I cannot shop for jeans in Indonesia.

I used to pretend "very happy" with my extra weigh and.....very confident say,"Yes, I am very happy with my body size" Do you believe in that? Do you believe that I was really happy inside??? Don't you think I always wanted to slim down as well.

Rule 3
My friend has a wise thought and this is what she shared with me. "We only live once". It's not late to improve yourself. One of my life wisdom, I always wanted to look nice, slim, and healthy. I do not believe with "I will do it tomorrow". Err...like "I will exercise tomorrow". The most important is to have a will that I really wanted to have a healthy slim body and nice thighs.

Rule 4

Seriously, every individual has the ability to have a healthy body and nice slim thighs. However, everything depends on the diet lifestyle. If everyday I ate junk foods and slighlty of fiber, I would gain weight faster. If I stopped working out, I would definitely have a flabby thigh and tummy.

For me, if I keep the meal portion in rational size and have time to exercise, my body will not blow up. I am what I eat. It's all about discipline. Seriously, everything must be obtained from such a hard work.

Rule 5
There is no such an easy way to get rid off extra baggage. Discipline, consistent, and be rationale of what we eat. Do you believe that you can lose weight 20 lbs in 1 week?? NO WAY to lose weight in short period!!! You will eventually gain weight double than your current size. It takes time to get an awesome result. Diet supplement is good to fasten the metabolism but once again
it has to be balanced with work out.

Rule 6
Awesome song to work out..!!!