Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shin Chan

Why do Americans have to dub of every single Japanese anime?? ~.~

I think Japanesse dubs are better than English dubs or Spanish dubs or to make it worse Chinese dubs. Japanese dubs are very unique that no other voice in this world can copy their kawaii-ness.

Seriously, Japanese voices are so cute and innocent and I love LOVE 'em and the non-original voice actors just ruined my good mood watching anime. I'm so glad Nana TV show in HULU still stick with the Japanese dub. But, Shin Chan??? I wish FUNimation can consider to have Shin Chan in the japanese dub with English subs.

I understand some people are illiterate and they cant read the subtitles. However, this problem is their government responsibility to educate and fix em. Nuff said. I need to stop bitching about stuff that I don't get benefits from it.

Can people accept Shin Chan in Japanese dub?? Nobody appreciate the original voice of Shin Chan except me.

Which one is better?


Friday, March 12, 2010

With tears on my face.....

Totally Horrendous, Hazardous, and Tremendous...

Thank you for ruining my good mood. THANKS for your "freindly" reminder that I am gaining FAT!

Do you know that you are so kind that I just want to punch you in the face right now???

Umm, maybe ONE hard punch is not enough. Maybe I also need to bleach and shred your face till become tons of white meat flakes and give it to crocodiles and let 'em eat till only left with bones and I will give the left over nasty bones to the hungry sharks. There you gooo...!

I swear to the most sacred animal in India that I fudging hate you.

Phhssss, please stop telling me I am gaining weight! Enough is enough. You know that your preach about fat is getting into my nerves.

I am AWARE of my weight!! I know, I am freaking over weight but you don't have to announce "that" out loud in front of everyone. Now, people start to focus on my fat, My fat belly, my fat elbow, my fat chin, my fat cheek, my fat s**t..

Holy Molly Guacamole.

I noticed that I am awfully fat but I will work it out. I will do something with my fat arse. Just be patient and wait till spring ends.


I also BLAME the TV!!!


with tears on my face,

I am torn apart....sniff.

The End

Monday, March 8, 2010


Everyone is double-faced in this world. And, yes including me. I am double-faced (that includes my liquid foundation)

Nobody is honest. People love to gossip about others. Everybody is double faced.

What? You disagree??
Fine, then prove it to me that you are 100% honest, prove it to me that you never bitch about people. You want to preach about honesty and integrity??? Gah, you better see yourself in the mirror before you start preaching at me.

and totally, totally, YES, YOU the random stranger who happened to read my blog or accidentally drop by my blog, you are double-faced!!!

I am sick with people who exaggerated about others being a liar and double-faced.

and YOU? YOU think you are pure and innocent? *toilet flushing sound

With such a thick face cheerfully telling everyone that you *hate* gossip, *avoid* talking about people behind their backs, and you are honest, kind, helpful, and you don't bitch about people. uh UH ah ---yawn, whatever ah!

And, now you are totally bitching about me...^^

If you ask me if I talk about people behind their back, oh, yeah TOTALLY. And, dont you dare to criticize me because i know you are doing exactly the same thing I did.

suffocate. Gotta go....

Bye Bye

what do you mean by " We are BFF's now?"

Its weird when someone told me that being special is important.

What she meant by that...

I'm not going to let others join us. I just want to hang out with you because I want you to feel special. I don't want you to feel left out.

Newsflash! I dont give a crap about it because first of all, I dont have any desire to pick whom I want to hang out with!! I dont!!! and I dont care!!!!! How many times I have to tell people that I AM NOT picky and not interested to feel special. I think it's people options to whom they want to be around with. I have never had any problems if my friends wanted to invite some people to hang out with us.

Although, honestly, I don't really like being in the crowd because I am more interested in a two-way conversation and getting to know better about someone is my main interest. So, hanging out with bunch of friends usually wont give any positive outcome (at least to me).

Here is what I think, when people hang out as a group (consists more than 3 people), there are two possible negative outcomes

Prediction 1: someone will feel left out--thats why I don't like to have dinner with bunch of friends at a restaurant. Someone within a group will feel alone and lonely regardless of how many people sharing the same table.

Prediction 2: From a silly conversation lead to a sharp argument and confrontation. Someone will end up crying nonetheless.

Shouting and yelling in a club when the music was awfully loud and you had no choice other than screaming in people ear would not do any good to me. I think it's more in a sense for stupidity.

Yeah, yeah, I am a dork and I dont have a social life, whatever. My point is I prefer to hang out and have a good conversation with 1 or 2 friends. That is what I called it the quality of conversation.

Ahemm..let's get back to business!!

Anyways, "Picky" does not exist in my dictionary but IGNORANCE is the most suitable word for my view on friendship. But, again, I am willing to be friends with anyone but I am not going to pursue a deeper friendship relationship.

In my view, I dont care if "my friends" want to hang out with other crowds, I dont care. Even if they decided to ditch me or they decided to ignore me, or even worse they decided to defriended me on facebook, GO AHEAD because I will find someone else .

I used to be really sad when the people acclaimed as my friends totally ditched me over their friends or over their boyfriends--whatever you named them. I was sad and the feeling was totally horrendous. Ironically, they would come back to me when they needed someone to express a sympathy over their exaggerated breaking up story. It was an unhealthy friendship relationship, but I gotta deal with it because I just thought they were the only friends I had.

That being said, I have been there and done that so I don't care anymore.

seriously, whats the point to keep an unhealthy relationship??

I can join a club or organization and meet new people there. Broaden my knowledge and be happy. Find people who have common interests rather than being stuck with "friends" who obviously didnt bother to recognize me there.

AND I AM AWARE OF MY GRAMMARS!! very welcome to laugh but remember to let me know so I can fix em. I also have a thick face, so whatever DUDE!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bavinger House!! Must SEE before you leave Oklahoma

Especially for people from outside Oklahoma or particularly for International Students!! You guys need to experience the Norman secret treasure. It's a great experience and I bet you will LOVE it tremendously Ironically, many local Norman people do not recognize the Bavinger House. That stinks man.

The Bavinger House is a MUST see before you leave Oklahoma!

I ain't joking.

Ya know, I am so glad I got the opportunity to check out the hidden treasure of Norman, Oklahoma.


I know yall raved so much about Norman the college town - University of Oklahoma with its famous football game but seriously Norman is not all about the university. There are plenty of things to see that is not associated with the University of Okahoma and one of them is the miraculous Bavinger House!

Let me explain further, again, Norman is not all about OU campus. Norman is way cooler than that.

Norman is like a jewel hidden inside a clam, heh, yah, whatever you call em. Some of you (or, maybe all of you, eh?) might be confused with my statement. But, seriously, yall are blind with the amazing ambient from the university of Oklahoma that catched your eyes and so on and so you always associate norman as part of the University of Oklahoma and there is nothing to do in Norman except to visit the beautiful OU campus. Again, NORMAN is more than that!! I just want to open your mind that there are more cool stuff to see in Norman.

Nah, I want you to give a shot for Bavinger House! I bet you will like it!

Bavinger House which is located in Norman, OK is such a strange-open-space house with a weird roof like a witch hat.

Bavinger house was built and completed in 50's and it was solely built for a private house purpose. Later on the owner decided to open the house for public. Since the owner let the house open for public, the Bavinger House has become one of the top architctures in the United States.



The owner passed away in 2000-ish (I think) so the son took over the house. As I talked to the son, he said he is currently working on the house renovation. Unfortunately, the renovation cost is not cheap and there are lot of stuffs in the hosue that need to be fixed so he wished more people come and donate so he can get done with the house renovation sooner.

So, I am writing in my blog hoping some people may accidentally visit my blog and become interested to check out the Bavinger House. I think it's important to preserve it because Bavinger House is the most valuable precious treasure that must be preserved for the sake of science, art, architecture, engineering and the future generations.

I persoanlly think that the bavinger house is the best among the best attraction I have ever seen in Oklahoma. It is beautiful yet mysteriously seductive that I want to visit again.

The cave kitchen


Anyways, to me Bavinger house is like Flinstone cave house mixed with Tarzan tree house with interior design from 60's style and some culture fusion and eco-green organic preservation.

(Let's check out wikipedia..hiihihii)

The walls are covered with rocks

I think the elements of culture have a great influence in the bavinger house interior style. For instance, I saw a chinesse round table on the first floow and I saw a mattress inside a box/floor on the second floor that if you didnt notice carefully you would have thought the owner slept on the floor without bed. It reminds me of the japanesse bedding style.

At one point you feel you were at the western part and when you walk to the other side of house, you feel that you were at the chinesse "atmosphere". When you go upstair, you feel you were visiting Tarzan's tree house.


Since, I am too lazy to write on my own words about the Bavinger House, I am going to copy and paste some whatever from the wikipedia. I know, I know, wikipedia is not the most trusted source but at least I can give you a big picture with what the hell is going on with the Bavinger House.

The Chinesse style Dining Table. You can turn around the table like in Local Chinesse Dim Sum restaurant.

"The Bavinger House was completed 1955 in Norman, Oklahoma, United States. It is the best-known building designed by architect Bruce Goff. The house was awarded the 25-Year Award from the American Institute of Architects in 1987 for being the signature building of a master architect. It was built by Nancy and Eugene Bavinger, the residents of the house, who were artists. During its construction the family opened their home to curious visitors each weekend, charging them $1 in admission, eventually making over $50,000. Eventually they decided not to let anyone see the house because they did not want to be disturbed while living there. This helped to offset the construction cost of the home. In a 1955 article, Life magazine featured the Bavinger House. The Bavinger House is now open for tours every weekend. The Bavinger House is back and Open to the public effective December 18th." - Wikipedia

Pretty much what the wikipedia said about the Bavinger House. zzZZZzzzzz

More info about The Bavinger House:

Can you find the mattress?

Open space bedroom. Yep, no privacy so you cant do any "private" stuff , ya know what im saying...

The heater. The house was still chilly although the heater was on =((

Now, let's check out more pictures of the Bavinger House. I know I suck at taking good pictures but whatever...who cares, yah?

First Floor with mini fish pound

Close up picture of the rocks cover the house wall


Nice crystal clear blue (glass flakes). they are everywhere in the house.artsy

The roof resembles a witch hat, aight?

The access to the wooden bridge was close for temporary due to the major renovation in that area.

I love the view. a rock in the middle. stunning.

As I said in previous pic, the crystal blue thingie are everywhere in the house. I wonder if I can have some for my necklace pendant.

I photoshoped! random pic.

I dont know what these are but they look like head of bears. Yo know the scary fury animal. Bear.



Gosh, I miss my blog sooo much

*smoochies my pizookie blog, hugs and kissess...mmmuuahhhh!!!

I am busy doing nothing LOL. LOL. LOL. Oh, yeah, I was wondering why people used "LOL" and "WTF" in like every sentence in their blog. Hmm??? Are these people running out vocabulary? or, maybe "wtf" and "lol" are like salt and pepper. You feel something is missing without "LOL" or "wtf".

You know what Im saying. You need salt and pepper whatsoever on your meal coz you dont want to taste ol' plain on your plate.

Speaking of vocabulary, you know, I took some time to practice pronouncing "vocabulary" word. Yo know what I am saying like I can say "vocabulary" word perfectly like other english native speaker. Seriously, tt's hard to say it for the first time and it was emberrassing coz people though I was saying " Fuck a Berry ?:)


What the hell man, I was saying vocabulary, man, you shall fix em your ear. Your ear may have some shits that you need a drill man coz they are hard like rocks--hardcore ear wax. Eh, ear wax sounds funky, I like too call em earpoops or earshits coz they sound awesome.

Anyways, my friend taught me how to say "Vocabulary" like normal english sounds,


Anyways, let's get back to our business. Whew.Let's started. Dude, come on dude, stop humping the horses. wtf.

Hhahha, so random.sigh. I am supposed to write about the Bavinger House!! I promise to that old man that I will upload the bavinger pics on my blog. sigh. Oh well...

Shall we continue to pursue the mysterious bavinger house???

stay tuned dude, hola, hola^^

Btw, I took the picture!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sigh, I need Botox!!!

Looking at myself in the mirror.

and, ..sob..sob

I can't believe I already have wrinkles on my forehead. GAhhh..I am blaming the sun. Sun is the culprit...*sigh. Eh, it's my fault too not applying sunscreen. *sob *sob

Yo yo yo know, I am soo emberrassed when people staring at my face. I was like..."Umm..are they staring at my wrinkles or, hence, my fresh pimple going to erupt...golihhh...",

Yawn, I know, I should accept my imperfection and let people stare at my wrinkles and my tremendous bumps endlessely. Yawn, I know I am far below stunning category. whatever leh. You know what, I pledge myself to accept the way I am as long as Santa Claus gives me Botox ^^

Anyways.....................But, the major problem is the fine lines on my forehead...=((

"Ya'll out there whos complaining too much about little zits appear on yall chin, please, look at around yall, HELLO, stop complaining about your tiny bits that can be covered by BB cream coz mine, my damn wrinkle is sooooo visible. The goddess BB cream magic, max studio foundation, mineral powder magic whatever wont cover my wrinkle!! Frankly, you can see the super fine lines on my damn forehead from the planet mars. Yo yo happy yo."

I am 23 and I have wrinkles. I have tried every wrinkle lotions exist on the planet earth, from the cheap one such as the one from walmart to the fine pricey medicated one to reduce the appearance of my wrinkes but none of them work. so sad leh. whatever the commercial promised.whatever man.

I am still blaming the sunshine for the super delicate fine artsy wrinkles on my face. Sincerely, I regret to spend so much time outside under the sun heat and not apply sunblock. Stupid me!! I prefer to have fair skin like Xiolongnu from The return of the condor heroes (check out Xiolongnu so fair so pretty..) rather than have olive skin, deep tan and wrinkly face.--emberrassing. Seriously, have you ever seen chinesse heroine with tan skin tone and wrinkles on their forehead?

Noooo.. they are goddesss and have dewey look because they only came out at night. nonsense. nonsense yawn. Eh, I know Xiolongnu is already dead but whatever, I want to have fair skin and glowy...(dang this woman is wayy too much to handle..golih!)

Ahemm, almost forgot,

"I still dont get it why people here are very obsessed to get tan. Tan is equal with the risk of skin cancer/wrinkles/fine lines/disclorotion. I used to love sun and sun tan and run outside under sun shine but not anymore. Sun is my enemy!! If sun is my son, I will disown sun for being my son..? heh..what the ffffff???"

Btw, I just purchased Baby Face sunscreen spf 50. I know my face is not baby face but at least the sunscreen is compatible for my delicate wrinkle surface..whatever leh. Yawn, I know leh my face is soo "messy" looking not pretty leh, but I am a human too with wrinkles and wrinkles need some love too and the love comes from Botox Dear.

Whatever ah, I just don't like sun and I dont want my skin to get tan. I want to be see...mmm...maybe like korean or japanesse fair skin. Aren't their skin so lovely? I adoree their glowy dewey clean smooth skin.

I keep saying "Dewey'.egeheh..what is the fuss about it? !#$%^&ewiugvhsrghgz;bzr d nlxbgj

And bronzer is supposed to imitate the dewey look of natural sun kiss, isnt't it, right?? Yeeaahhhh,, lets rock the sunkisss...muaahhh!

You can pick any bronzer that is suitable for your face. Bronzer wont give you a cancer, just make sure when you pick a bronzer, it doesnt contain bismuth whatever because this bismuth whatever can enlarge your pores and accumulate the whiteheads and blackheads on your nose and below your lips.

"Many mineral powder brands contain bismuth watch out before you decide to buy 'em. I have problems with bare minerals because after the aplication my pores are more visible and more whiteheads appear around my mouth--just nasty look. The ugly duck is much sexier."
Anywayz, let's get back to business!!

Sun is the cause of all the wrinkles epidemic. I regret to spend so much time with sunshine. Sorry, sunshine, gotta ditch you for the sake of my face.

In conclusion, Botox is the ONLY life saver that can rescue me from the darkness of the wirinkles epidemic. Botox will be my christmas wish next year.
coz botox is soo expensive and I cannot afford it.

"Ho..ho..hoo... sweetpie, you are such a lovely girl (*whisper inside heart :egad, this woman has tons of wrinkles and acne--so gross) tell Papa Claus what do you want for christmas?" said Mr. santa claus.

Imitating the cute voice sound from japanesse anime mari chan soso chan voice kawaiii whatever,

" Papa berryy Santa Claus Kun, I want BOTOX.."..(=^.^=)

AAaHHiiyyayhahahahhaa...what the Fff..?

Anyways, loveeee the soundtrack

The Return of the condor heroes soundtrack translated to Indonesian language.

dumm..drumm.dumm duu dummm...