Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sigh, I need Botox!!!

Looking at myself in the mirror.

and, ..sob..sob

I can't believe I already have wrinkles on my forehead. GAhhh..I am blaming the sun. Sun is the culprit...*sigh. Eh, it's my fault too not applying sunscreen. *sob *sob

Yo yo yo know, I am soo emberrassed when people staring at my face. I was like..."Umm..are they staring at my wrinkles or, hence, my fresh pimple going to erupt...golihhh...",

Yawn, I know, I should accept my imperfection and let people stare at my wrinkles and my tremendous bumps endlessely. Yawn, I know I am far below stunning category. whatever leh. You know what, I pledge myself to accept the way I am as long as Santa Claus gives me Botox ^^

Anyways.....................But, the major problem is the fine lines on my forehead...=((

"Ya'll out there whos complaining too much about little zits appear on yall chin, please, look at around yall, HELLO, stop complaining about your tiny bits that can be covered by BB cream coz mine, my damn wrinkle is sooooo visible. The goddess BB cream magic, max studio foundation, mineral powder magic whatever wont cover my wrinkle!! Frankly, you can see the super fine lines on my damn forehead from the planet mars. Yo yo happy yo."

I am 23 and I have wrinkles. I have tried every wrinkle lotions exist on the planet earth, from the cheap one such as the one from walmart to the fine pricey medicated one to reduce the appearance of my wrinkes but none of them work. so sad leh. whatever the commercial promised.whatever man.

I am still blaming the sunshine for the super delicate fine artsy wrinkles on my face. Sincerely, I regret to spend so much time outside under the sun heat and not apply sunblock. Stupid me!! I prefer to have fair skin like Xiolongnu from The return of the condor heroes (check out Xiolongnu so fair so pretty..) rather than have olive skin, deep tan and wrinkly face.--emberrassing. Seriously, have you ever seen chinesse heroine with tan skin tone and wrinkles on their forehead?

Noooo.. they are goddesss and have dewey look because they only came out at night. nonsense. nonsense yawn. Eh, I know Xiolongnu is already dead but whatever, I want to have fair skin and glowy...(dang this woman is wayy too much to handle..golih!)

Ahemm, almost forgot,

"I still dont get it why people here are very obsessed to get tan. Tan is equal with the risk of skin cancer/wrinkles/fine lines/disclorotion. I used to love sun and sun tan and run outside under sun shine but not anymore. Sun is my enemy!! If sun is my son, I will disown sun for being my son..? heh..what the ffffff???"

Btw, I just purchased Baby Face sunscreen spf 50. I know my face is not baby face but at least the sunscreen is compatible for my delicate wrinkle surface..whatever leh. Yawn, I know leh my face is soo "messy" looking not pretty leh, but I am a human too with wrinkles and wrinkles need some love too and the love comes from Botox Dear.

Whatever ah, I just don't like sun and I dont want my skin to get tan. I want to be fair...mm...lets see...mmm...maybe like korean or japanesse fair skin. Aren't their skin so lovely? I adoree their glowy dewey clean smooth skin.

I keep saying "Dewey'.egeheh..what is the fuss about it? !#$%^&ewiugvhsrghgz;bzr d nlxbgj

And bronzer is supposed to imitate the dewey look of natural sun kiss, isnt't it, right?? Yeeaahhhh,, lets rock the sunkisss...muaahhh!

You can pick any bronzer that is suitable for your face. Bronzer wont give you a cancer, just make sure when you pick a bronzer, it doesnt contain bismuth whatever because this bismuth whatever can enlarge your pores and accumulate the whiteheads and blackheads on your nose and below your lips.

"Many mineral powder brands contain bismuth whatever..so watch out before you decide to buy 'em. I have problems with bare minerals because after the aplication my pores are more visible and more whiteheads appear around my mouth--just nasty look. The ugly duck is much sexier."
Anywayz, let's get back to business!!

Sun is the cause of all the wrinkles epidemic. I regret to spend so much time with sunshine. Sorry, sunshine, gotta ditch you for the sake of my face.

In conclusion, Botox is the ONLY life saver that can rescue me from the darkness of the wirinkles epidemic. Botox will be my christmas wish next year.
coz botox is soo expensive and I cannot afford it.

"Ho..ho..hoo... sweetpie, you are such a lovely girl (*whisper inside heart :egad, this woman has tons of wrinkles and acne--so gross) tell Papa Claus what do you want for christmas?" said Mr. santa claus.

Imitating the cute voice sound from japanesse anime mari chan soso chan voice kawaiii whatever,

" Papa berryy Santa Claus Kun, I want BOTOX.."..(=^.^=)

AAaHHiiyyayhahahahhaa...what the Fff..?

Anyways, loveeee the soundtrack

The Return of the condor heroes soundtrack translated to Indonesian language. Lol.lol.lol..

dumm..drumm.dumm duu dummm...


Tekkaus said...

Hmm...perhaps you need to eat more...protein? :p

Su YSW said...

gong xi fa cai to u too!~

pizookie said...


Nicholas C said...

Hey girls with dark skin are sexy!

pizookie said...

mmmmm....not in my opinion. I think fair skin is super gorgeous ^^