Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Domino's Pizza is Superb!!!

Kudos to Domino's Pizza Customer Care!!!

They take care of their customers !! They listen to the criticism even the harsh one!!!

I was not expecting that they would contact me via e-mail. Well, I posted on their twitter that I was completely disappointed with the new hand tossed pizza whatever they advertised in pizzaturnaround.com. I had been deceived and chated by their exaggerated Advertising!!!!!

Here is the story,

After watching pizzaturnaround in youtube, I decided to order Domino's pizza and I said on the phone explicitly that I wanted to get the new robust sauce, tasty cheese, and new crust pizza with beef topping. I was so excited waiting for the delivery guy that I couldnt control my saliva....

My expectation was so high and I demanded the new improved tasty Domino's pizza!!


Aha! The delivery guy. I opened the door with a big smile, so excited seeing Domino's pizza box. Yay!! So Happy!! Yummy, yummy!!! Happy happy fun fun!!

So, I opened the pizza box with full of joy. I took one slice and *silent ....................

My heart immediately dropped.

I was soooo effing mad (plus my struggle in math problems) that resulted into a huge volcanic eruption. The pizza was tasteless. The sauce still taste like the old Domino's. No improvement at all. I had been decived and cheated by Domino's Pizza new Ads!! Effing Liar!!! I demand my 9 dollars back!!! ROOOAARRRR.

So, I wrote on Domino's twitter regarding my big disappointment and threatened them that I would never ever visit their website nor order their shitty Domino's pizza. Like I said, I was not expecting they would reply my twitter.

They responded to my complaint via twitter. They also asked for my e-mail address. Here is below the conversation between me and Domino's.

Domino's Pizza:

"Hi, moving this here from Twitter so we can have full conversations. Can you tell me what happened? You never got your pizza? Have you contacted us before?"


Dear Phil,

I dont have any particular problem with the pizza. However, my big concern is to try out the new crust and new robust sauce and tasty cheese from Domino's pizza. That's all I want no more, no less.

So, I ordered the new crust pizza (hand tossed) with beef toppings after I saw the video of new pizzaturnaround in youtube. I had a big hope. Unfortunately, It turned out not like what I expected. It was completely tasteless. After I ordered, I was like.."Oh well.." and I never visited the website nor order Domino's pizza because of a big disappointment.

But last night, I dont know what driven me to visit your website again and I found that some people were experiencing the same disappointment* like what I had with Domino's Pizza in Norman, OK. The problem is some Domino's franchise do not fully understand how the taste of pizza is so important.

Some people have witnessed the new handtossed pizza is sooo delicious and taste like heaven. Nah, I am so jealous with these people who got to try the real new hand tossed pizza.

My hope is to order the real new hand tossed with new robust sauce and tasty cheese crust pizza by next week. Please ensure the new revolution in pizza and robust sauce and awesome cheese are available in Dominos Norman, OK.

I am not asking for your free marchendise or free dominos coupons whatever but all I want is to experience the new rigorous tasty pizza.

*Accroding to twitter

Domino's Pizza:

Thanks for sending over, I’ve passed this on to our customer care team. So sorry for this.

Alright, I will give Domino's Pizza one more shot. I am planing to order the "real" new Pizza on the weekend. Why on the weekend? because my friend from Tulsa is coming over. I know it's not related to my issue with Domino's. I will keep yall updated. Who ya'll? haha nobody...just for myself. I will keep myself updated with Domino's pizza.

Source: http://www.pizzaturnaround.com/


kenwooi said...

cool, they check for feedbacks via twitter as well.. i think most of the companies are using twitter as well.. the last time i was twitting about eurostar, their twitter replied to me. was kinda surprised.. haha.. =)


Nicholas C said...

Thanks for visiting!

And yes Dominos rule!!