Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Separated...relief relish John Edward

I have been following Mr. Edwards since his presidential campaign in 2004.

I think that Mr. Edwards is the type of husband I want to marry in the future. He is the type of family guy who adores his wife and loves the childrens and has an awesome job as a politician.

On top of that, Mr. Edwards is bloody handsome up till now even when he is a lot older. Mr. Edwards has a wise mature face that surely women would fall crazy over him. He has a sharp jaw and brilliant eyes that can blow your mind just by looking at it. So caring, so lovely.

For his age, he is considered HOT just like my fav. singer, Michael Bolton. Frankly, I started adoring Michael Bolton after he cut short his sick-gross long blond hair-yucky.

I am against men-with-long-hair. They are just sick human being who have plenty of dandruffs and lices all over their oily head. Let the lices suck the blood and become fat. They are fugly and gross to the max..eww.Nuff said.

It's ok aight to dream...

Ladies, shall you be interested in Mr. Edwards? Some might say, EWW..he is fugly old and smells like soil. But, Are u SURE??? Will you be sure you will have NO interest at all even if he talk to you face to face?

Only sick ladies have no desire. Oh well, go away sick ladies, shushh, go dig a hole and play with rubbish.

I think Elizabeth Edwards is lucky to have him.

Is John Edwards lucky to have Elizabeth? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....*long pause

I dont know, maybe, when she was younger back in 70's. I saw the picture of Elizabeth when she was young and she is pretty. Oh well, I think they deserve each other.

I can assure you tons of women would die for Mr. Edward.

Yes, including me! *peace

He is the type of man that all I can say is, "Please, marry me, Mr. Edwards!!!", and I am nobody but a huge fan of him. If he was not married and I was much older than my current age maybe in mid 30's and if I had the opportunity to be closed with him, I would definitely look for Mr. Edward and compete with other women to win his heart.

Enough for the compliment =) Let's talk about the reality.

Sigh, however, the truth about Mr. Edwards has ruined the role model of my dream husband. He is just another douche bag who have hurt the sweetest lady on the planet earth. He cheated on his wife. That's the problem.

Mr. fugly Edward had an affair with the camerawhorewoman.

John Edward admitted to his wife yaddaa yadda..."It was a short trip". He indeed quit.

Fortunately, Elizabeth has a golden heart and she forgave Edwards. But the problem is getting worse when the camerawhoreman confronted Mr. Edwards with the baby, the fruit of their extramarrital relationship.

Did John admit he is the biggest liar in history? NO
but is he the father? yes, indeed.

He finally admitted to public that he is the father of the innocent baby girl, just last week. Why did he wait for 3 years for a confession?

Because miss camerawhorewoman was threatening him. She wanted to get the most out of Mr. Edwards. Oh well, she went to public anyways. This statement boils into one conclusion, who doesnt love money and popularity? *snap

Finally,Today, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards are officially divorced. John Edwards will carry the burden for the rest of his life.

I dont know how to express my deep deepest sympathy to Elizabeth Edwards. Poor Mrs. Edwards. She is battling breast cancer since back in 2004, and her husband in lieu of doing his job as a loyal husband, he was engaged in a short trip pleasure with the camerawhorewoman Dang....

As a woman, I felt hurt. I wonder how my marriage will be. If my husband is bloody handsome and so attractive and when both of us are getting older, will he seek for a pleasure from another woman?

I will be old and fat like an old hag and my husband is a muscle toned. That's dangerous!! I definitely need to prepare for it. I can't think what I am supposed to do, but I will figure out soon. Or, should I look for a man who is less attractive to protect the loyal zone?

Is that true that Men are more attractive when they are getting old (in their mid-40's). The opposite for women, women are less atractive when they are older?

Obvious example, Barrack Obama, Michael Bolton, Will Smith, Johnny Depp. Hawt!!! They are in mid 40's and 50's.

Pamela Anderson in 2010? Hyukkk....(vomit)

Anyways, in general, Men just cannot be trusted. I doubt to unleash them. They would pull out their mini gun whenever they see opportunity for fresh meat.

Speaking of fresh meat, I can tell why Mr. Edward would go for another women, here are the two reasons I can think of on top of my head:

1. His wife is battling breast cancer so she cannot give Mr. Edward a hot bloody exciting sex like many stars doing it in porn movie. Surely, Mr. Edward was desparate of his need and voila he and that camerawhorewoman was at the same location, same time.

2. Who is not attracted to John Edward? That Camerawhorewoman is bloody lucky and she is a lot younger than his wife. Fresh meat for John Edward.

Let's be upfront, If you were a man in mid 50's will you choose Miss camerawhorewoman (who is fit and toned) over Mrs. Edward? Just, be honest. Well, to me- neither, I would go for someone who is a lot younger than Miss Camerawhorman. I would go with Angelina Jolie.

p/s the stupid bandana (rag) miss camerawhorwoman wearing at the interview really turned me off. I think Mr. Edward is blind. I dont see at which point John Edwards sought miss camerawhorewoman is hot/pretty. She is fugly. If I were Mr. Edwards, I would look for a hottie, maybe like a playboyhouse mate. Going out with miss camerawhorewoman is downgrading.

I would like to know if there is a true love. A love; the super-handsome husband would take care of his wife when the wife is old and completely ill. Will he be faithfull regardless of spouse flabby figure?Is there anything like this in reality? please for the sake of all the good stuff on this planet, i would like to know!

Speaking of a good stuff, last week, I went to a dinner with my friend and we ordered shitty steak. The steak is not important but I came up with a conclusion that there are 4 matters that are important in a relationsip:

1. Financial
2. Partners physical attribute
3. Sex
4. Odor..(I just added) Partner might leave the spouse who have rubbish breath.

and, my friend added something and please I didnt meant to offend anyone:

According to "a survey", people prefer to have sex with someone who has STD rather than with obese people*. WTF

EWW...I would rather die alone if I have to deal with these two.

Does anyone else think Heath Ledger resembles Michael Bolton?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

There she goes again

Now, it's time to fill up application for graduate program.

Possible school with current score:

University of Texas- Arlington...^^
Maybe University of Dallas too -- they have master of management in Marketing Management
Oregon State University.....mmm....possibly
Willamette University...maybe
University of Oregon.....too much
University of Manitoba .... hard to tell
University of Calgary .......... a little hope
University of Missouri - Nevermind! score cannot afford it.

University of Oklahoma? well done...NO

I wonder if I made the right decision. Heh, whats the meaning by that?

I wonder if I should take another GMAT just to convince my heart. I about if I can achieve a better score? How about if I can get into a better school?

Do I still have time to make a difference? Am I happy with the result? I am in a state of Ok-fine-OK-fine-well-OK result.

But, I dont want to waste my money again. I know, it's not my money, it's my dad's money..but still.

I will think about it. I believe in the Law of Attraction.


* Currrently, I am not active on Facebook. Although, my facebook account is still on. I dont deactivate mine because i think it's pointless to delete FB account for temporary. I may someday log in to my facebook to check the msg or comments on the wall.

Anywayzzz, I think that only moronics who deactivated their facebook -- and later on they activated again. So pointless. Absurd, silly. These kind of people who believe that the earth is square.

If some people got offended because of my awesome statements, just suck your thumb and shut up, okie. This is my own opinions. As what I said in my previous entry, I can say whatever I want regardless of grammar errors, somebody's feeling, etcetera...

Ahem, now, possible reasons to deactivate FB account:
1. I need to study because my grade is so low...(yeah I spent all my time on checking fbook, i'm so addicted, eh)
2. I have a personal problem so i am forced to deactivate my account, wtf?
3. I just broke up and I am ashamed of my single status. Heugheehe.

Just leave Facebook alone, dont login, so simple, eh. If you are tired of facebook and see no point nor interest to log in, then DELETE it. Dont be wishy washy. "Deactivation"

I do love facebook but for now, I am more interested in blogging. I will definitely return to facebook and be part of the virtual society who are thirsty in facebook affection.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


yay yayayayayayayaya..^^

Friday, January 22, 2010


For Heaven's sake , Google, obiously, you have made a wrong decision. or, Maybe?

China, I wish you good luck and happiness in your future endeavours without google. Good luck with your own pride to block the (china) citizens from the access to the history fact of massacre in Tiananmen Square, etc.

Oh, almost forgot, You also block the access to facebook, twitter, youtube, blogspot, Bing....


Maybe, wikipedia will follow too, er?

BUT China, your population is consisted of highly intelligent citizens, I am sure you can find your own way to survive without help from Google.

Where did the cyber attack come from? I wonder, who is the culprit behind the scene?

*Im talking nonsense. I dont even know why I discussed about china-google-us in here. They have nothing to do with my issue. I guess I am panicking right now. I am scared and I talked random stuff.

The reason your arm pit smells like yeast because you dont use deodorant. wtf.

I dont think I can do it, and I dont want to do it. sigh. sighghghghghghghghg

How about if I fail again? I really got a butterfly stomachache.


Blogging is the only reason I can survive. I can express my feeling..and who does care about my feeling? People prefer to talk but refuse to listen. Or, pretending that they are listening, but they aren't.

For men:

Men love to pretend that they were listening to your problem, your issue ...just to get your attention and to get you, obviously.

When you start to cry, most likely, men will cuddle and rub your neck and he will offer his shoulder. And then, he touches your face and start to bull crap of how beautiful you are that you are the most amazing person, you are so smart, etc..

You start to smile and the man will stare at your eyes. Out of the blue, he will hug you really tight and he immediately kiss you with your closed eyes. Within 5 mins, you are sleeping with him.

The next morning, you will whisper to his ear that you appreciate his kindness. The man will smile and said, "it's okay babe. I do what I can do." . And then, the man put his clothes on and he left.

Next time, you realize it is difficult to reach him. You call him but he won't pick up the phone. Instead, he will text you that he is in a meeting. You respond to his msg and he reply your msg via Facebook, and so on. The man has so many excuses just to avoid meeting you.

It turned out men just wanted to take the advantage of you when you were fragile. The ugly truth of men.

For Female friends:

With female friends, it is in a different case. At the moment when you are so sad and you just want to share your feeling with female friends.

However, before even you finish your story, your female friend already cut the conversation right away and start talking about her relationship problem.

"I dont know what's wrong with him??"
" He was flirting with another girl at the bar, I saw them"
"I dont understand what he wants from me!!"

Yes, I dont care with your problems. I prefer you to shut up and listen to my problem. Who are you??? Your story is less pathetic compare to mine. Mine is very sad, full of tears from "on and off broken heart relationship".

OK, I really have a panic attack RIGHT NOW.

Pray for Haiti

Today is the day. I am wishing myself a good luck.

No facebook, no twitter, no phone calls, no text msg

I will return soon...


With a blessing heart

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

cannot wait to move to canada

what's wrong?

I am just going to swim in a shitload of ear poops.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

err....pretty awesome song eh?

Massive Attack - Teardrop

Love love is a verb

Love is a doing word

Fearless on my breath

Gentle impulsion

Shakes me makes me lighter

Fearless on my breath

p/s thanks for the msg concerning posting my pictures on blog but nah..not going to upload any pictures for right now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why do people have irritating habits like picking nose in public?

This title has nothing to do with the content

Keep changing the layout, the font, the template. I found really awesome template but changed it again to the old one coz the font style sucks to the max. I wonder how to change the font size but blogger is so irritating tody. This whole blogging activity really pissed me off..

Why does it have to be so complicated? All I want is a cute template, cute font, readable post...blahh...

Or, am I just too dumb? Nah, too smart to be dumb coz the earth is round and only dumb people think the earth is square.

And, why are people so irritating today? I just wanted to know how things are going on. It is not like I was looking for a gossip. Relax people.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just discovered how to shit more often....

After having a big meal from lunch/dinner, drink a cup (mug size) of coffee (make sure it has caffeine and no sweetener, no creamer) and you will shit within 30 mins. (based on my experiement).

My favorite coffee is
nescafe clasico because I can shit immediately. I had coffee previously from wal-mart brand, 'Great Value' and another coffee brand, 'Folger' but they are not as powerful as nescafe clasico. I dont know why.

I know I should have called "it" poop/crap/dirt/BM, but "shit" sounds more natural to me.

I am so glad to discover a miracle so I can shit more often. Coffe is rich with "fiber". Besides, coffee is better than vegtables coz veggie took forever to digest. And, soo...Coffee is always be my hero! No need to take fiber pill after exesscive eating.

I have been doing sort of an experiment with cause and effect of a cup of coffee. Whenever I had a coffee after a meal, I, most of the time like 90%, would go to bathroom within 30 mins. If I didnt have coffee after a meal, I wouldnt go to bathroom, and I would feel guilty.

In fact, everytime I looked at my feces (after my ritual coffee), I could tell my tummy didnt digest the meal thoroughly because there were some obvious look-like-a-part-of-food-i-didnt-chew-properly attached to my feces. (I know it's gross...) My point is everything that I ate too much would come out immediately after a cup of coffee^^

In conclusion, coffee is my lifesaver to prevent obesity.

I am not emberrassed of what I wrote on my blog because my blog is the truth expression of myself.

I can write anything i want including my grammatical errors, my awkward phrases, my non-sense article statement s, etc. I am so glad I can say "shit" for so many times coz I know and I wont and never say shit directly to people=))

*Anyways, i'm not going to canada..=( Due to immigration restriction...blah! WHy?????????????

*I need to eat slowly....

*I think I know what really interests me the most - writing about romance. Maybe like chick-flick...heh..

*I stop using Splenda for sweetener, and I started using natural sweetener--aka Honey. Honey is healthy (with a decent amount) and pure sugar is FAT.

I realized that I kept losing hair like crazy. I found them a lot in bathroom, under the chair, under my awesome coffee table, on my bed, in kitchen, everywhere...

I checked my hair in mirror and I wanted to cry =( Ugh, my hair become so thin and ugly.

So, I did online research and some suggested that Splenda might have a strong connection with hair loss as the side effects.

Although it has not been proven yet but some people said that they experienced loss hair while using splenda. More extreme experience was headache, insomnia, chest pain, gain weight (huh??)...hihhh.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I admire the most...

My Parents


Despite of the
love-hate relationship

Still want
to be succesful like my parents

so, better get the lazy ass off futon and DO the work.

MUST study hard!

Don't talk Don't brag until you prove it....

Law of attraction

Jealous = Motivation = Law of attraction = Spirit = Success

Ps: I need to learn Joomlaaaa. I want to have my own website, this blogspot is a little bit bothersome.

Ps: I Wonder, how to have twitter, chatting box, calender, awesome layout on blog..blahh...lots of stuff to learn! Well figure it out soonnn...

Ps: Cannot wait to visit Redang Island, Perhentian Island, and Gili Trawangan ^^

Ahh...Beach....I will get ya soon...!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adam, you are always my big brother.

Thank you for the advice. I feel better. Now I can concentrate.

Sorry that I had to "pamper" you with all my negative guts but, you are trully my brother, you helped me to get through this negativity.

You helped me to release all the anger. You listened attentively to all my non-sense life issue, and I know you were listening because you still provided me with possible alternative solutions. You are such a blessing. I am very blessed to have you as my big brother.

Myabe, if I didnt talk to you, I would be thinking about it all night long and possibily will ruin my "being studious" spirit. You motivated me to stand up and look forward for the future. I must study hard!! Enough said.

What I am currently doing right now will shape how my future will be.

Thanks Adam, I pray that you and Karen will always be together forever ever after happy ending ameennnn....

Grammars @#$%^&*

Grammar is still a problem not only for the non-english native speaker but also for those english native speaker.

Amusingly, 99.99999% of english tounge are still experiencing with grammatical errors, and they didnt realize that they said 'it' wrong!!! Wrong!

I found pretty entartaining when someone whom I respected very much said "unforgiven" grammar mistakes.

Less children vs. Fewer children

I recalled, he said less! HAH!!

See, I suggest for english native speaker who obviously speaks english fluently to stop making fun of people who are still in trouble with english/accent.
First rule to rule out, check in grammar guides if you believe you always said everything right, soon you will discover that you have made lots of errors.

I had the experience when some jerks were making fun of my superior accent. It really hurt my feeling. I know some people could not help but laugh at certain accent.

Anyways, regardless of the bitterness, I would like to thank Mr. who-made-fun-of-my-accent, because of you I realized that i really need to work out on my pronounciation. You had open my eyes.

Otherwise, how can I improve my english? how can people understand me with unclear/horrible pronouncation?

At least, I tried to be careful in pronounciation inwhich I am still working on it and unfortunately still having problem with it. sigh.

and also, for "the people" who made fun of people blog, including my blog (i know someone who laughed behind my back), see yourself in mirror, and think if you have a gut to write and share your thoughts with public.

One time, someone whom I have known for many years was reading my friend's blog on Friendster, and she laughed at the articles my friends posted on friendster. By that time friendster was still popular before facebook conquered the world. Tragic.

As she pointed at my friend's blog, "Haha..what is that? I dont understand? Hahahah....omg, check out this one, dont you think this is funny, oh and look at her grammars"

"It really irritated me for people who wrote in english but the sentence structures are undoubtedly confusing, cannot be read, lots of grammatical errors!"

At least, these people are willing to try! It is not easy to write in english because these people, including me again, first have to translate the meaning from our language to english. And, we still have to think further to ensure we place the words correctly.

I admit I still have the issue, I have million of errors in my blog, but I worked hard to write as clear as possible. If I found the obvious mistake, I would have immediately corrected it. Thanks for yall who have helped to correct my grammars.

Speaking of grammars, she didn't realize that she also made tons of grammar mistakes! Gash, I feel heated now, although its been a while, but I still vividly rememberd.

I mean for what I understood, blog is a space for our freedom thought. You can write as much as you want because it's reserved only for you and your thought. Grammar is the second rank priority to be considered.

The most important is your excitement to express your ideas, your thoughts, your philosophy.
That's all it matters and it is public options whether to read it, or just leave it alone.

If you think my friend's blog is confusing then, please, stop reading her blog, move on, get off from the screen and stop scrolling her blog. Stop checking her blog and letting others know how sucks her blog.

People who made fun of others means they are insecured. They are jealous of others.'s time to eat sweet stuff to release the anger. feel heat up.hehe