Friday, March 12, 2010

With tears on my face.....

Totally Horrendous, Hazardous, and Tremendous...

Thank you for ruining my good mood. THANKS for your "freindly" reminder that I am gaining FAT!

Do you know that you are so kind that I just want to punch you in the face right now???

Umm, maybe ONE hard punch is not enough. Maybe I also need to bleach and shred your face till become tons of white meat flakes and give it to crocodiles and let 'em eat till only left with bones and I will give the left over nasty bones to the hungry sharks. There you gooo...!

I swear to the most sacred animal in India that I fudging hate you.

Phhssss, please stop telling me I am gaining weight! Enough is enough. You know that your preach about fat is getting into my nerves.

I am AWARE of my weight!! I know, I am freaking over weight but you don't have to announce "that" out loud in front of everyone. Now, people start to focus on my fat, My fat belly, my fat elbow, my fat chin, my fat cheek, my fat s**t..

Holy Molly Guacamole.

I noticed that I am awfully fat but I will work it out. I will do something with my fat arse. Just be patient and wait till spring ends.


I also BLAME the TV!!!


with tears on my face,

I am torn apart....sniff.

The End