Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Reader

Yesterday, I watched The reader on DVD, starring kate winslet.

It was not a bad movie like what I thought before. In fact, it is very intriguing. I really liked it until the movie hit the ending.

I was a little bit disappointed, maybe frustrated? I was expecting for a different ending. But, overall, I agreed, The reader is a beautiful movie. It vividly described a love from someone to somebody else endlessly...(blah..)

If friends asked me to see it, I dont mind to see it again.

The next day, I saw Harry Potter - half blood prince. Hmm, what can i say about this one? sigh,

Unfortunately, I dont really like it. Maybe, from the beginning, i was already skeptical and this feeling went through till the ending.

I was abosulutely disappointed. In fact, I was confused with the rating from tommatoesrotten. Harry Poter got 85% tomatoes? HUH?

I believed Yahoo rating is more reliable, Harry poter was rated B. Not even close to B+. I admitted, I was a harrypotter fan way back then like in 2000-s, but it seems im more interested in twilight?

maybe Jacob hot muscles influenced my perception about twilight? LOL....

Now, I am thinking what movie I am going to see tomorrow or thursday or friday. Here is the list:

1. Julie and Julia (75% tomatoes)
2. Vicous Circle (A - yahoo!)
3. Night at the museum: Battle of the smithsonian (B+ / 44% huh?)
4. Paper Heart
5. I love you man -- I really wanted to see i love you mann..!!
6. Sunshine cleaning

Btw, I almost picked angels and demonds today. I decided not to because their rating was so bad. I checked on rottentomatoes 36% and B- on yahoo rating.

But, Im sure I will definitely see it someday.

I feel a lot better since last month. Now, I have more time for meditation, yoga, relaxation, watching dvd.

I usually didn't have time to do all those stuff, but now I have plenty of time to calm myself. I felt a lot better.

I can study with a clear mind. Except for my mexican neighbors (there are more than one mexican) who played latin music sooooo loud in the middle of night.

Wondering, nobody complained about it..*peace