Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dinner Menu for Today

I dont really know how to cook india dishes (that requires rich of spices and a lot of patience), but I found the india-ready-sauce is very practical. It's like cooking pasta with marinara sauce, or fettucini with alfredo sauce....

Main Dish:
1. Catfish with Tikka Massala Sauce

2. American typical veggie soup:
Carrot, beans, caulliflower, beans, corn with chicken broth, exotic asian spices and stirred them together with some garlic powder + creole (no msg).

3. Important:
Rice. Indulge the taste.

How to prepare: Catfish marinated in Tikka Massala Sauce

Sautee Sliced onions with little veg. oil in a medium heat for 5 mins
Sautee catfish (ready to cook not frozen) in a medium heat (keep it in medium heat).
Fry for about 10 mins.
Pour Tikka Massala sauce depends on how many cat fish in the pan/preference/thick or light. Stir it together with lightly citrus sprinkle
Leave it there for 10 minutes with several occassion stir slowly to ensure the fish is not burnt.

Ready to serve....

ps: forgot to take picture, sigh.