Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Thought

Several random thoughts from an article in a magazine I found interesting...

1. Peoplet whom you trust the most will eventually reveal your biggest secret, do you agree?

2. Do you agree, the more time people spent to remind each other to keep "their little secret", these secret will be revealed faster in a matter of time

3. Can you trust 100% somebody? except for your family and God?

4. Have you ever realized, after expressing your feeling/secret to your friends. It turned out, your friends were the most culprit on the planet?

They revealed your deep darkest secret to the community. From nowehere, someone asked you a question about your emberrassing secret.

When you confronted this person from where he or she got the information, he or she would say a name that you just could not believe it.

5. Have you ever felt that your life suddenyl changed and you discovered that it was actually part of a game. Someone was enjoying the game she or he created.

A game that lead to a big misunderstood between two innocent pals.

A person who preached a lot about religion-good faith, about a healthy lifestyle, a person who "we thought" has a good wisdom and wanted to make surrounding happy.

Actually, this person had spread the most contagious virus in a community

6. One week vaction is enough. Two will cause a fight.

7. Officemate is awesome blossom

8. Will you be able to handle your own debt once you are granted with a creditcard?

The worst case, how are you going to survive if you have a huge debt more than your paycheck?

You have $6,000 debt over from the reckless spending.

You know you wont be able to pay it unless you are willing sacrifice your self working 90hr/wk (which is impossible).

Are you planning to use creditcard until it hit the credit limit? And, you go back to your home country and leave all the debt in the United States?

how about to those finance students who are excel at finance courses but cannot handle their own financial problems?

9. Believe in Karma?