Thursday, February 25, 2010


Gosh, I miss my blog sooo much

*smoochies my pizookie blog, hugs and kissess...mmmuuahhhh!!!

I am busy doing nothing LOL. LOL. LOL. Oh, yeah, I was wondering why people used "LOL" and "WTF" in like every sentence in their blog. Hmm??? Are these people running out vocabulary? or, maybe "wtf" and "lol" are like salt and pepper. You feel something is missing without "LOL" or "wtf".

You know what Im saying. You need salt and pepper whatsoever on your meal coz you dont want to taste ol' plain on your plate.

Speaking of vocabulary, you know, I took some time to practice pronouncing "vocabulary" word. Yo know what I am saying like I can say "vocabulary" word perfectly like other english native speaker. Seriously, tt's hard to say it for the first time and it was emberrassing coz people though I was saying " Fuck a Berry ?:)


What the hell man, I was saying vocabulary, man, you shall fix em your ear. Your ear may have some shits that you need a drill man coz they are hard like rocks--hardcore ear wax. Eh, ear wax sounds funky, I like too call em earpoops or earshits coz they sound awesome.

Anyways, my friend taught me how to say "Vocabulary" like normal english sounds,


Anyways, let's get back to our business. Whew.Let's started. Dude, come on dude, stop humping the horses. wtf.

Hhahha, so random.sigh. I am supposed to write about the Bavinger House!! I promise to that old man that I will upload the bavinger pics on my blog. sigh. Oh well...

Shall we continue to pursue the mysterious bavinger house???

stay tuned dude, hola, hola^^

Btw, I took the picture!!!!


Anonymous said...

it shouldve been pronounced as: vow-khab-be-you-lurry, and say it fast.

pizookie said...

I see. Thanks for your generous input =)