Monday, March 8, 2010

what do you mean by " We are BFF's now?"

Its weird when someone told me that being special is important.

What she meant by that...

I'm not going to let others join us. I just want to hang out with you because I want you to feel special. I don't want you to feel left out.

Newsflash! I dont give a crap about it because first of all, I dont have any desire to pick whom I want to hang out with!! I dont!!! and I dont care!!!!! How many times I have to tell people that I AM NOT picky and not interested to feel special. I think it's people options to whom they want to be around with. I have never had any problems if my friends wanted to invite some people to hang out with us.

Although, honestly, I don't really like being in the crowd because I am more interested in a two-way conversation and getting to know better about someone is my main interest. So, hanging out with bunch of friends usually wont give any positive outcome (at least to me).

Here is what I think, when people hang out as a group (consists more than 3 people), there are two possible negative outcomes

Prediction 1: someone will feel left out--thats why I don't like to have dinner with bunch of friends at a restaurant. Someone within a group will feel alone and lonely regardless of how many people sharing the same table.

Prediction 2: From a silly conversation lead to a sharp argument and confrontation. Someone will end up crying nonetheless.

Shouting and yelling in a club when the music was awfully loud and you had no choice other than screaming in people ear would not do any good to me. I think it's more in a sense for stupidity.

Yeah, yeah, I am a dork and I dont have a social life, whatever. My point is I prefer to hang out and have a good conversation with 1 or 2 friends. That is what I called it the quality of conversation.

Ahemm..let's get back to business!!

Anyways, "Picky" does not exist in my dictionary but IGNORANCE is the most suitable word for my view on friendship. But, again, I am willing to be friends with anyone but I am not going to pursue a deeper friendship relationship.

In my view, I dont care if "my friends" want to hang out with other crowds, I dont care. Even if they decided to ditch me or they decided to ignore me, or even worse they decided to defriended me on facebook, GO AHEAD because I will find someone else .

I used to be really sad when the people acclaimed as my friends totally ditched me over their friends or over their boyfriends--whatever you named them. I was sad and the feeling was totally horrendous. Ironically, they would come back to me when they needed someone to express a sympathy over their exaggerated breaking up story. It was an unhealthy friendship relationship, but I gotta deal with it because I just thought they were the only friends I had.

That being said, I have been there and done that so I don't care anymore.

seriously, whats the point to keep an unhealthy relationship??

I can join a club or organization and meet new people there. Broaden my knowledge and be happy. Find people who have common interests rather than being stuck with "friends" who obviously didnt bother to recognize me there.

AND I AM AWARE OF MY GRAMMARS!! very welcome to laugh but remember to let me know so I can fix em. I also have a thick face, so whatever DUDE!



It's very hard to be truly honest, and yes, nobody is ever honest 100% of the time.

There are grammatical mistakes here and there, but they're not too bad. Every sentence managed to convey the meaning to the reader, so I won't be bothered too much.

But if you really want to, I can point them out to you. Only if you ask me to.

pizookie said...

Hi Ihsan!!! Totally!! your grammar contribution will be awfully appreciated. Point them and I am more than happy to correct em.

I usually would save my blog entry first and come back later to check the grammars..but last night I was totally mad-so! I published it anyway without even bother to think twice about the grammar.

And, yeah in any society, people inclined to reveal about others and label them as a double faced but dont you think everybody is double faced.

Seriously, everyone who is breathing in the planet earth is double faced. For example, at the social gathering, rarely people to show their true identity...gahh...Pretending they are to be nice and etc...whatever..too tired to think =)

anyways. your help will be appreciated!