Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shin Chan

Why do Americans have to dub of every single Japanese anime?? ~.~

I think Japanesse dubs are better than English dubs or Spanish dubs or to make it worse Chinese dubs. Japanese dubs are very unique that no other voice in this world can copy their kawaii-ness.

Seriously, Japanese voices are so cute and innocent and I love LOVE 'em and the non-original voice actors just ruined my good mood watching anime. I'm so glad Nana TV show in HULU still stick with the Japanese dub. But, Shin Chan??? I wish FUNimation can consider to have Shin Chan in the japanese dub with English subs.

I understand some people are illiterate and they cant read the subtitles. However, this problem is their government responsibility to educate and fix em. Nuff said. I need to stop bitching about stuff that I don't get benefits from it.

Can people accept Shin Chan in Japanese dub?? Nobody appreciate the original voice of Shin Chan except me.

Which one is better?



kusut said...

i am the same as you.. i hate redubs. subs FTW!! lol

i guess like us who prefers subs, there are people out there who prefers redubs. not because they are illiterate but they enjoy watching and the subs a too big a distraction. it is only natural but original seiyuu's are the best.

Tekkaus said...

Because they don't understand it? "p

**~Pu-3~** said...

Yea i hate it when the japanese anime/drama got dubbed with another language, they should just put subtitles.

Nicholas C said...

You should hear the Malaysian dub for Shin Chan. Make me wanna puke my guts out

Anonymous said...

haha very funny indeed