Monday, March 8, 2010


Everyone is double-faced in this world. And, yes including me. I am double-faced (that includes my liquid foundation)

Nobody is honest. People love to gossip about others. Everybody is double faced.

What? You disagree??
Fine, then prove it to me that you are 100% honest, prove it to me that you never bitch about people. You want to preach about honesty and integrity??? Gah, you better see yourself in the mirror before you start preaching at me.

and totally, totally, YES, YOU the random stranger who happened to read my blog or accidentally drop by my blog, you are double-faced!!!

I am sick with people who exaggerated about others being a liar and double-faced.

and YOU? YOU think you are pure and innocent? *toilet flushing sound

With such a thick face cheerfully telling everyone that you *hate* gossip, *avoid* talking about people behind their backs, and you are honest, kind, helpful, and you don't bitch about people. uh UH ah ---yawn, whatever ah!

And, now you are totally bitching about me...^^

If you ask me if I talk about people behind their back, oh, yeah TOTALLY. And, dont you dare to criticize me because i know you are doing exactly the same thing I did.

suffocate. Gotta go....

Bye Bye


ziwa said...

aghhiiiii.. kamu delete fb yaa sayng ?
btw, kamu dmn skrg> msh di us ? kpn plg? gmn ujiannya ? sukses terus yaaa..
kalo pulang kbr2i yaaa. hpku 081388987899
<3 youu ! ^^